Another change in Texas' concealed carry law

Talk about a silly restriction that had been on what types of concealed handguns people could carry.  From Fox News:

Texas lawmakers have sent to Gov. Rick Perry a bill that allows concealed handgun license holders to carry a revolver or semi-automatic pistol, regardless of what they trained with on the shooting range. 
Current law certifies license holders to carry only the type of gun they use to get their license. The bill by Sen. Craig Estes, a Wichita Falls Republican, allows them to carry either model.  
Texas has more than 500,000 concealed handgun license holders. Lawmakers have already voted to cut in half the minimum hours of training to get one. . . .



Blogger Janiak said...

Quick correction to the source article:

Texas law currently allows those that qualify on a revolver to only carry a revolver, while those that qualify on a semi-auto can carry either.

The rationale behind this is that when you demonstrate that you can operate the more complex firearm, it is assumed that you can properly operate the simpler one, but not the other way around.

5/25/2013 6:12 PM  

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