Accuweather: "Amazing, Historic Snowstorm Texas to Michigan"

So how will global warming advocates.  Accuweather has this:

The list containing the number of locations that have received record May snowfall from a storm that brought up to 2 feet of snow over the central Rockies continues to grow.
The storm is still going on Thursday and could reach even more unlikely locations over the Plains, Midwest and the South before it is all said and done.
Omaha, Neb., Mason City, Iowa, and Rochester, Minn., are but only several cities that have been clobbered by their biggest May snowfall on record. In many cases in the major cities in the Plains, those records date back to the 1800s. . . .



Blogger Evan Robinson said...

How will they respond? With the statement that extreme weather events are _exactly what the climate change models predict_.

Mean temperature across the globe rises, according to NOAA, and we get more extremes, including rain, drought, wind, storms, and yes, more extreme snowstorms.

5/02/2013 12:30 PM  

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