62% of Americans want the Senate to stop considering the gun control bill

So much for the belief that Americans want something done on gun control.  I have previously discussed how the other polls over state support for the gun control bill.  Now this poll by Reason-Rupe Surveys shows that even many of those who support the bill doesn't really care strongly about the issue.  The vast majority of Independents and Republicans want the Senate to stop considering the gun control bill.  Even most women want the Senate to drop it.  There are only two groups who feel otherwise: Democrats and liberals.
President Barack Obama has vowed to keep pushing for new gun control measures and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the failed gun vote in the Senate was “just the beginning.” However, the latest Reason-Rupe national poll finds just 33 percent of Americans feel the “Senate should debate and vote on gun control legislation again,” while 62 percent want the Senate to “move on to other issues.” . . .



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