Even Politico notes the extreme bias in the media over the background checks

Bill Kristol is hardly a conservative on the gun issue, and even he thinks that the bias has been quite strong.  From Politico:
. . . Even by the standards of today’s partisan media environment, the response has been noteworthy. Television hosts, editorial boards, and even some reporters have aggressively criticized and shamed the 46 Senators who opposed the plan, while some have even taken to actively soliciting the public to contact them directly. 
The decision by some members of the media to come down so firmly on one side of a policy debate has only served to reinforce conservatives’ longstanding suspicions that the mainstream media has a deep-seated liberal bias. 
“I guess the liberal media get annoyed when Senators listen to their constituents and think for themselves, rather than doing the media’s bidding,” Bill Kristol, the editor-in-chief of the Weekly Standard, told POLITICO. 
”It’s clearly biased and unmistakably ideological,” said John Podhoretz, the conservative New York Post columnist. “These outlets can do what they do want, but nobody should kid themselves about what they’re doing.” . . .
I have noted this for a long time with the cheerleading by the media on the bogus claim that 40% of gun sales are done with out background checks (see others discuss it here).

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