Are the Boy Scout's policies and statements consistent on homosexuality?

Whatever one's views on people who are openly gay being allowed in the Scouts, my question is whether they are being consistent.  If the Boy Scouts of America are really just wanting the policy regarding homosexuality to apply to those members under 18 years of age, why does the organization continue to explaining the concerns over male homosexuals supervising young boys is not objectionable?
The BSA also consulted four experts in the field of child sex abuse prevention. The four conveyed a “nearly universal opinion” within their field that homosexuality is not a risk factor for the sexual abuse of children. . . .



Blogger Joshua Tolley said...

Along similar lines, if the BSA's justification for their ban on homosexuality is that homosexual behavior violates the Boy Scout oath regarding being "morally straight", what about all the other similarly immoral behaviors of which the BSA makes no mention, or other behaviors which also violate the Boy Scout oath? I can think of an awful lot of leaders I had in my Boy Scout days who weren't particularly physically strong or mentally awake.

4/25/2013 12:54 PM  

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