Will Illinois appeal the 7th Circuit's decision on Concealed Handguns?

Personally, I hope that Illinois appeals the 7th Circuit decision.  A complete ban on carrying guns would be the easiest case for the Supreme Court to deal with, and the fear of that might be what is really motivating Madigan's decision to delay moving on an appeal.  It also seems to me quite unlikely that any legislation will finally be adopted by the legislature and approved by the governor on concealed carry so her discussion of waiting to see whether a law is going to be passed strikes me as not very serious.  That said, her probable race Quinn complicates trying to figure out her motivations.  From Fox News:

Gov. Pat Quinn said Wednesday that he wants the state's attorney general to appeal a federal court ruling that Illinois' last -in the-nation concealed carry ban is unconstitutional, a move that would take it before the U.S. Supreme Court. . . .
"The only hope now would be to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court," [Quinn] told reporters after an unrelated event. "The attorney general ought to take look at that and pursue that."
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who had said she hadn't decided whether to appeal, said Wednesday that she disagreed with Quinn. She said she wants to wait for lawmakers to come up with and act on a concealed-carry proposal first -- even though she thinks that Illinois' law -- which prohibits the concealed carry of weapons in public -- is constitutional.
"If the Legislature passes a bill, then appealing would not necessarily be something we need to do, because it would become moot," she said. . . .



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