Race and concealed handgun permits

Here are a few states with high fees to get permits
Texas 2012 permit fee $140
Black share of population 12.2%
Black share of permits issued 7.2%

Louisiana 2009 permit fee $100
Black share of population 32.4%
Black share of permits issued 12%

Oklahoma 2011 permit fee $125
Black share of population 7.7%
Black share of permits issued 2.8%

Some other relevant information is available here.

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Blogger Harry Schell said...

TX has a discounted fee for indigent applicants, and for seniors (over 60).

Given the profile of anti-gun enthusiasts in the black community, I suspect the low rate of participation may arise partially from their effect.

3/06/2013 4:17 PM  
Blogger TYF said...

In states with low fees, is the racial gap narrower?

3/08/2013 5:11 PM  

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