Next time that gun control advocates say that there is no benefit from hollow point bullets remember that the government thinks that there is

With the massive purchases of hollow point bullets by the government, it serves as a useful reminder about the benefits from such bullets.  From Fox News:

Howard notes that use of hollow-point ammo by law enforcement officers is more efficient and even safer for the public.
“It (hollow points) cuts down on ricochets which means few bystanders will be hit. Hollow points rarely go through one target,” He said. . . . .



Blogger Chas said...

Whatever. Hollow points are illegal for ordinary citizens in New Jersey, and that's the law. We have the right to shut up and do as we're told. If you disagree, you can be raped in the slammer while you await a court ruling. Good luck with that.

3/29/2013 9:00 PM  

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