Nothing learned from gun-free zone tragedy in Aurora, Colorado last summer

Despite an obvious example last summer where a killer picked the one venue where victims were not allowed to defend themselves, Democrats continue to protect gun-free zones in Colorado.  It seems hard to believe that nothing was learned from the attack at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.  Additional information indicates that the killer cased his target before the attack.  From the Denver Post:
Guns continued to play a big role Wednesday at the Colorado legislature as new bills were introduced even as others died an early death.
On a 3-2 part line vote, a Senate committee rejected a measure to encourage more businesses to allow patrons to carry concealed weapons. The Republican measure would have required businesses such as shopping malls or movie theaters would have to provide armed security if patrons can't carry guns.
Colorado's police chiefs association opposed it and raised questions about large gatherings such as football games.
Meanwhile, a Republican senator proposed a measure to allow more school employees to carry concealed weapons. The measure being introduced is another attempt to add security at public schools. A Democratic committee rejected a related proposal earlier this week. . . .
Apparently, the killer here planned his attack for at least over 2.5 months in advance of the July 20th shooting when he started buying items for it.  From the Huffington Post:
Prosecutor Karen Pearson argued that Holmes meticulously planned the attack, starting with the online purchase of two tear gas canisters on May 10, followed by buying online 6,295 rounds of ammunition, and body armor, as well as going to local sporting goods stores to purchase an assault rifle, shotgun and two Glock pistols. He bought his ticket for opening night of "The Dark Knight Returns" nearly two weeks before the attack and visited the theater early, photographing the layout. . . .

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