Democrats "counting on . . . legitimate news media" to push for gun control

Vice President Joe Biden said at a press conference on gun safety in Philadelphia: “To be very blunt with you, we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed."

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Blogger Unknown said...

You know, some of us have been working hard (Dr. Lott out in front, of course) trying to "explain" in a nuinced way why gun control is actually counter productive. That if you want the public safe, children as well as adults, then the last thing you should do is passd laws that only effect the law abiding citizen.
Guess what! I don't think very many people care. The Obama/Feinstein team thinks that we shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects, let alone GUNS. They may be more evil than that, I personally don't know. On the other hand I wouldn't put much past them. The "public" that put Obama in office doesn't want it pointed out how much of a mistake they made. So I think we wind up "preaching to the choir".

I would really like a charismatic leader (-President in '16?-) to organize the half of the country that is fed up. I HOPE we can get out of this mess in one piece. I believe I'd put my life on the line to do just that!

2/12/2013 1:25 PM  

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