Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives move to ban hunting ammunition in Wisconsin?

This type of law would never have been offered a decade or two ago.  Redstate has a detailed discussion of the proposed law:
“The provision in the bill draft that provides whoever intentionally sells, transports or possesses any bullet that expands or flattens easily in the human body is guilty of a Class H felony conflicts with current DNR hunting rules.  Under s. NR 10.09 (1)(c)2., ‘no person shall hunt any deer or bear with any air rifle, rim-fire rifle, any center-fire rifle less than .22 caliber, any .410 bore or less shotgun or handgun loaded with .410 shotgun shell ammunition or with ammunition loaded with nonexpanding type bullets or ammunition loaded with shot other than a single slug or projectile.’ The bill draft does not provide an exception to the prohibition on possessing expanding bullets for deer or bear hunting.” (Emphasis added)

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny; What a bunch of maroons!

Expanding bullets ensure a quick kill of the game so as to prevent the prolonged suffering of the animal.

If we look at the Geneva Convention rules regarding 'dum dum' bullets (expanding, explosive, hollow point, etc.), dum dums are prohibited and only full metal jacket bullets are allowed.

Also, as a matter of real life situations, in the North Hollywood shooting the bad guys used full metal jacket bullets, and no victims died as a result of the wounds inflicted by these rounds.

If they had been using dum dums, the seven victims probably would have been dead. If we apply this law to citizens, the bad guys don't care, and the citizens wil be at an disadvantage. As usual...

2/18/2013 1:31 PM  

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