7th Circuit Appeals Court will not reconsider decision to strike down Illinois' ban on concealed carry

The question now seems to be whether Illinois will appeal to the Supreme Court.  My own hope is that they do appeal.  This is the best case to create a precedent on concealed carry laws.

A federal appeals court won't reconsider an earlier ruling that Illinois' concealed carry ban is unconstitutional.
A three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Illinois' ban in December and gave lawmakers until June 8 to legalize the concealed carry of firearms.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked for all 10 judges to review the decision, saying it conflicted with decisions by other federal appellate courts and goes beyond what the U.S. Supreme Court has held. . . .
Thanks very much to Tony Troglio for this link.

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Blogger Rail Claimore said...

If they appeal to the Supreme Court, the decision to grant or to not grant cert could be very telling of which way the court will rule on this issue, much moreso than the cases pending in other circuits like Kachalsky in New York. It takes 4 justices to grant cert: if cert is denied, that means one of the liberals voted against cert, meaning any other case that makes it might not be 5-4, but 6-3.

2/23/2013 2:09 AM  

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