Jacob Sullum on "The Threat Posed by Gun Magazine Limits"

Jacob has an interesting piece here on the constitutionality of the new New York State gun laws.
as Gov. Andrew Cuomo put it last week, "Nobody needs 10 bullets to kill a deer."  
That might count as an argument if the right to keep and bear arms were all about killing deer. But as the Supreme Court has recognized, the Second Amendment is also about defense against individual aggressors, foreign invaders, and tyrannical government.  
Toward those ends, the Court said, the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own weapons "in common use for lawful purposes," which clearly include guns capable of firing more than 10 rounds (and certainly more than seven) without reloading. The Glock 17, one of the most popular handguns in America, comes with a 17-round magazine. One of the most popular rifles, the AR-15 (a style made by several manufacturers), comes with a 30-round magazine.  
Measured by what people actually buy and use, magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are hardly outliers. In fact, there are tens (if not hundreds) of millions already in circulation, which is one reason new limits cannot reasonably be expected to have much of an impact on people determined to commit mass murder. . . .

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Blogger Glenn Jericho said...

Good points, all of them!

Another point to the "nobody needs 10 bullets" argument became apparent to me in part because of the rushed legislation from the NY government when they forgot to exempt police from the law.

"Why do police (i.e. 'anyone') need more than 10 bullets?"

Although, I acknowledge that there is a difference between average citizens and police, after a few days of playing devil's advocate with myself, I can't think of am argument philosophically consistent with the right of self protection (which even most gun-control advocates at least claim to support). Thoughts or potential arguments against, anyone?

1/21/2013 10:40 PM  
Blogger Glenn Jericho said...

I guess Sullum makes the same argument at the bottom of the article when you follow the link. Still would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

1/21/2013 10:44 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

". . . and tyrannical government."

That's why the tyrannical Cuomo was obsessing about deer hunting.

1/23/2013 3:39 PM  

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