Fox has defensive gun use story

In the above video Lars Larson does a good job explaining why people benefit from having semi-automatic guns.

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Blogger Eric Scholler said...

There are countless stories like this from all over America that don't get national media attention simply because they don't support the gun-grabbing agenda, aside from not being horrific enough to sell to the public. The only stories that don't end up with someone successfully defending against an unprovoked, lethal attack are those stories emerging from "gun-free" zones where the law-abiding citizen is legally unable to defend himself and in areas where there is an outright gun ban. I'm consistently shocked at the fact that so many people, presumably on the left, don't understand that guns, in the right hands, save lives even if the assailant is shot. To me it's essentially the choice between the life of the criminal, who may strike again (and be successful) if he gets away, or my life. Simply put licensed, law-abiding gun owners curb the threat of violence and death among normal (i.e. non-criminal) civilians. It makes sense, but the gun grabbers would rather see innocent civilians massacred at the hands of killers than give them a firearm for protection at all cost.

1/09/2013 10:12 AM  
Blogger Mark Almonte said...

Do we need assault rifles? Ask the Korean store owners with rifles on their store rooftops during the LA riots. Did they need assault rifles? Stores being destroyed, people being murdered...no police response in some areas. See below picture.


1/10/2013 1:57 PM  

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