Denny's restaurant in Belleville, Illinois denies police service because they are carrying guns

I guess that I have obviously heard of restaurants denying permit holders entry, but forbidding service to police?  Doesn't Denny's realize that many restaurants actually give police free meals precisely because they like to have the police there in order to ensure that the restaurant is protected.  That is really pretty crazy.
Belleville police have less than a sunny-side-up view of a local Denny's.
The police chief there banned his officers from the eatery while on duty after several detectives were told they couldn't carry their guns in the restaurant, but Denny's says the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding.
The scramble of events began about 10 a.m. Tuesday when five Belleville detectives went into the Denny's at 1130 South Illinois Street, ordered food and began to eat.
Belleville Capt. Donald Sax said restaurant manager David Rice then approached and told one of the detectives that a diner had complained about seeing one of the detectives carrying a gun.
Even though the detective told Rice all at the table were police officers, Rice insisted the detectives take their guns back out to their cars, Sax said.
According to Sax, Rice then told the officers that it is company policy to allow only uniformed officers to carry their guns into a restaurant and that a sign on the door stated that policy. . . .
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Blogger Jolly Roger Skateboards said...

Oh no! They are treating the police like the rest of us peasants here in Illinois. It sucks, doesn't it?

1/03/2013 2:35 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Honestly? Why the big stink? If a business has the right, under property rights, to deny open or concealed carry because it scares them, why should they be less freaked out about the police open carrying. Statistically speaking, a cop is more likely to shoot an innocent bystander than a CCW holder.

1/03/2013 7:19 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

I suppose that Obama could stop at Denny's, but his armed Secret Service agents would have to wait outside and leave him unprotected. However, I can't see the Secret Service deferring to a Denny's manager.

1/04/2013 9:30 AM  

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