Biden's gun control proposals to go to Obama tomorrow

From CBS News:
After consulting with a series of stakeholders in the ongoing debate over gun control, Vice President Joe Biden will present his recommendations for reducing gun-related violence in America to President Obama on Tuesday, he said today. 
The vice president, speaking to reporters before a meeting on gun violence with sportsmen and women, and just minutes before another school shooting was reported, outlined a series of the recommendations he said are emerging in the course of his conversations with various stakeholders in the conversation. Among those possible proposals include universal background checks, restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and increased federal capabilities for effectively researching gun violence. Biden also stressed ongoing discussions about the importance of including the mental health community in the conversation.  
"If you look at every one of the tragic events that have attracted so much attention, it's hard to be able to pinpoint what you would have done to assure it wouldn't have happened. But there's also things we know, we know, that there's certain actions we take that have diminished the extent of the gun violence that otherwise would be occurring in the United States," he said. "There's an emerging set of recommendations, not coming from me, but coming from the groups we've met with, and I'm gonna focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership, what types of weapons can be owned." . . .

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Blogger Unknown said...

I just saw a video clip of Ben Shapiro wiping the floor with Piers Morgan. It warmed my heart. But, aside from my personal feelings, Mr. Shapiro helped me to understand that the proposed so called "Assault Weapons" Ban (along with the proposed limited ammo restrictions)is far from a peripheral consideration - but strikes at the HEART of THE SECOND AMMENDMENT. No, Mr. and Mrs. America - you DON'T NEED an AR-15 to hunt, and you DON'T NEED 20 or 30 ROUNDS in your clip to hunt with either. BUT, THAT IS EXACTLY BESIDE THE POINT! The Second Ammendment is NOW (& WAS AT IT'S INCEPTION) meant to be a check AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. Democratic governments have turned to tyranny in the past and (probably) they will continue to do so. We haven't changed that much as a species - have we? This last few weeks has been a real eye opener to me. I used to think the talk of GUN GRABBERS was basically hyperbolic - now I realize it's FOR REAL.

1/14/2013 1:23 PM  
Blogger Chas said...

"...what types of weapons can be owned."

Does Joe Biden think that he's tasked with inventing the wheel? We have a longstanding right to bear arms in this country, which some people want to eliminate entirely. Mr. Biden does not have carte blanche to determine "what types of weapons can be owned."
I want such modest weapons (by modern standards) as a fully automatic machine gun, a short barreled shotgun, and a selective-fire pistol with a shoulder stock, in accordance with my Second Amendment right to bear arms. I can't afford crew-served weapons, so we'll leave them off the table for now. Let's discuss that, Mr. Biden. You don't object to the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, do you?

1/14/2013 2:33 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Is it just I, or is the Presidents attack on the Constitution (VP too), just a means by which to draw attention away from the economic mess that has been fostered by this administration?

1/14/2013 2:36 PM  

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