Some media coverage of the gun debate

Here are actually a couple of the more civil discussions.  From Gil Spencer in the Delco County Times:
Pro-gun and Second Amendment advocates were invited on TV news shows, not just to have their views challenged but to be personally insulted, mocked and accused of murder. 
NRA president Wayne LaPierre, was declared “The Craziest Man on Earth” on the front page of the New York Daily News. 
Mild-mannered college professor John Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime” was shouted down and declared a liar by CNN’s Piers Morgan. 
Another New York newspaper, the Journal News, printed the names and addresses of every licensed gun owner in their coverage area, ostensibly so that their gun-fearing neighbors could take adequate steps to protect their children. 
And then a funny thing happened. Gun owners decided they weren’t going to take it anymore. At least, they weren’t going to take it lying down. . . .
On the other hand, David Frum makes a big deal out of what was undoubtedly a joke by some people who just wanted to let out their frustrations.
Militant exponents of the Second Amendment have put 80,000 signatures on a petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan because they disapprove of the way he makes use of his rights under the First. The irony is almost too obvious to ridicule. Yet these are dark and daunting times. All of us can use any laugh we can get. So let's ridicule away. Please submit your entry in the comments below or via Facebook.

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