"Paul Krugman riles fellow pundits"

From Politico:
New York Times economics columnist Paul Krugman seems to be testing the patience of a couple of his fellow pundits on ABC's "This Week." 
Conservative commentator George Will and former White House aide Mary Matalin both directed pointed remarks at Krugman Sunday that broke with the good-natured banter common among the guests on Sunday political talk shows. 
After Krugman called House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's budget a "fake document" and the columnist said he was "amazed that people haven't gotten that," Will unsheathed his verbal sword and went at Krugman. 
"I have yet to encounter someone who disagrees with you who you don't think is a knave, or corrupt, or a corrupt knave," Will said, borrowing a phrase founding father Alexander Hamilton used to rail against those unwilling to respect the good faith of their political opponents
"No, I've got some people," Krugman said, suggesting that some conservatives are indeed intellectually honest. 
"Specifics have indeed been offered," Will insisted, referring to Republican budget plans.
That face-off followed a couple of prickly interactions between Matalin and Krugman earlier in the program. . . .



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