Does Obama want to go over the Fiscal Cliff? Some Democrats sure think so

PAT CADDELL: . . . This president is on vacation.  I give you a plan that no one should vote for but here you go.
DOUG SCHOEN: Did you see what he said to Boehner last week? Which is I will go after you in the State of the Union and in the inaugural if you don't come along. Not, 'I have a plan that the American people want.' So, I really think he wants to go over the cliff.
CADDELL: . . . Boehner said, look I have given you $800 billion in taxes, don't I get anything for that, and the president said "no."  He said: "That's Free, that is mine."
From Debra Sanders at the SF Chronicle:

My fear is that some Democrats want to go off the cliff. Back in July, Tax Policy Center co-director William G. Gale wrote that if Congress doesn't act to prevent the "fiscal cliff," Washington wins an extra $2.8 trillion in tax revenue over a decade. It's a Democrat's happiest dream -- huge tax increases without having to vote for huge tax increases.
If America goes and stays off the cliff, Tax Foundation chief economist Will McBride told me, the hit on the gross domestic product would be 9.6 percent, and American wages would fall 7 percent.
To counter any negative effects of going over the cliff, Gale proposed more stimulus spending. . . .

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