"Concealed carry helps Appleton (WI) man during road rage incident"

As the article says, this is the reason why people carry concealed handguns.
Supporters of Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law insist it will save lives – and that might have been the case during a road rage incident in Wausau. . . .
Police said an 49-year-old Appleton man was driving into town from the west, when his SUV passed a van – and the van started ramming the SUV from behind. The Appleton man called 911, and a dispatcher told him to wait in a parking lot for an officer. 
In the meantime, the attackers followed the man – and police said the couple got out and started beating him and stabbing him with their vehicle keys. The man pulled his concealed gun, and the two backed off. . . . .  
The SUV driver had a legal state concealed carry permit, and police say he will not be criminally charged.

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