"AutoZone employee and Air Force vet praised for bravery by sheriff"

The serial robber stopped by this employee had apparently robbed more than 30 stores.  The gun was stored in McClean's car and he only retrieved it once the attack commenced.  The incident occurred on November 30th.  From the UK Daily Mail:
An AutoZone employee and Air Force veteran who daringly thwarted an armed robbery at his Virginia store by using his own handgun at the scene has been fired for breaking company protocol. 
Devin McClean, 23, who worked at the York County store up until about a week ago, says he managed to slip out during the attack, grab his glock .40 handgun from his car and return - frightening away the bandit. 
'When I yelled “freeze” and I said “stop, drop the weapon,” he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand, he started running,' Mr McClean told WTKR. . . . 
'He was like, "Thank you Devin, you really saved my life,' Mr McLean recalled of his manager. . . . 
'I thought, what a shame. This guy has really gone above and beyond,' Sheriff JD Diggs told WTKRof AutoZone's decision. 'I mean, what else could you ask an employee to do for you?' . . .

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