Anti-gun State Senator in Illinois arrested for unregistered handgun

If this were a Republican who believed people had the right to self defense with guns, I suspect that this story would have gotten more attention.
State Sen. Donne Trotter was packing an illegal handgun in his carry-on when he got pinched at an O’Hare Airport checkpoint, prosecutors said at a Thursday bond hearing. 
Trotter’s bail was set at $25,000 on felony charges that he tried to board a plane with an unloaded .25-caliber Beretta. He also allegedly carried an ammunition clip loaded with bullets. . . . 
Prosecutors said in court that Trotter told Transportation Security Administration agents he is employed by Allpoints Security and Detective Inc., where he said he had worked the night shift on Tuesday. Trotter said he forgot to take his gun out of his garment bag. 
Trotter told authorities the gun was legally registered in Chicago, but a search of handgun records found that it was not, prosecutors said. . . .
The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has more available here.



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