Another measure of mass shootings over time

One measure of multiple victim public shootings is available here.  Looking at this, my initial reaction is that it doesn't differentiate between gang fights and the type of attacks that have garnered so much attention at Newtown, Columbine, and other places.  This "counted a mass shooting as any murder where four or more people were killed at once."

Fox News has a story available here.
Another Fox News piece on Ron Paul's objection to the NRA proposal on putting police at schools.  I have to agree that I don't see the point of federalizing this.  State should have the right incentive to fix this problem.



Blogger FZ said...

States also have an incentive not to bankrupt themselves, but they do it anyway.

Seriously, I wish Ron Paul would stop being such a fanatical purist all the time and realize there are some instances where exceptions to ideology had to made. There is nothing wrong with a 'federalized' school protection program, it's not like our schools aren't already federalized anyway. Paul is fighting the wrong battle. He is putting politics over saving kids lives.

12/24/2012 10:54 PM  

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