A reminder of the Worst Public School Attack

From Quartz.com:
In the end there were 38 children dead at the school, two teachers and four other adults. 
I’m not talking about the horrific shooting in Connecticut today. I’m talking about the worst school murder in American history. It took place in Michigan, in 1927. A school board official, enraged at a tax increase to fund school construction, quietly planted explosives in Bath Township Elementary. Then, the day he was finally ready, he set off an inferno. When crowds rushed in to rescue the children, he drove up his shrapnel-filled car and detonated it, too, killing more people, including himself. And then, something we’d find very strange happened. . . .



Blogger Unknown said...

Not clear on your point. Do nothing?
So when atrocities happen these days our response should be: toughen up, it's always happened, and we never used to mind?
Firstly, can't we learn from our past? We also had polio in the 20s. Should we not have developed medication for that?
Secondly, no matter how you cut it, the States's record on this is dreadful. Whether the percentage chance of it happening to your kid is low or not, it's still way higher than any other country, and to my mind warrants being addressed.
While you may believe this to be a crusade to help parents stop worrying, it is also another tool that helps support the idea of governments abrogating their responsibilities.

12/15/2012 7:43 PM  

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