Obama's head of the Small Business Administration has never heard anything about businesses cutting back on hours of workers because of Obamacare

Obama' head of the Small Business Administration, Karen Mills, had this amazing discussion on MSNBC.
Joe Scarborough: But we do hear from business owners, I am sure that you do to.  That are now contemplating after the election.  Certainly I hear from a lot saying: "Gosh, I am going to have to keep people under 30 hours. . . . It is only a matter of time before I go out of business.  I can't afford the cost of what this new regulation puts on me." First of all will you explain to us because we keep hearing: 30 hours, 30 hours.  Explain that cut off.  What do you tell those business owners?  Why are they wrong? 
Mills: You know, I travel all around the country, every week I go to a different part of the country. I'm with small businesses. And I'm not hearing that. 
Scarborough:  You have never heard that?   
Mills shaking her head "yes" and saying "I will tell you what I have heard."
Scarborough:  You need to talk to your staff to tell them to get you out of the bubble.
Mills: We are out there ever single day. 
Scarborough:  I don't mean to be short, but have you never heard that before? 
Mills: When I am out absolutely what small businesses want to do is grow their businesses.
Possibly, Ms. Mills should read some newspapers such as here and here.  Possibly she should watch the Daily Show here or Stephen Colbert's show here.

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She must live a sheltered life.

11/24/2012 4:50 PM  

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