Can you count the number of over the top political biases in this post from the Weather Channel?

Click on picture to make it larger and more readable.

Post is available here.

1) Smoke coming from smoke stack on Romney side is much darker.  Obviously carbon dioxide is a much darker gas.
2) Picture of dead fish is a nice touch.  Could have gone for the nice picture of dinosaurs for oil, but obviously wanted to imply something more than the source of the fuel.
3) Tax breaks one is also nice.  Obviously accepting the notion that the $4 billion in tax breaks for oil companies involve them getting some special favor as opposed to it mainly being depreciation (like that is somehow unusual).
4) Note the even tiny editorializing such as putting "ALL" in capital letters for "Supports opening ALL federal land for oil and gas drilling."

Anyone else have other biases to nominate?

Of course, even if the Weather Channel thinks that the proposals it supports are so obvious, there is another side to this debate.

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