Vote Fraud: Colorado 441 non-citizens registered to vote?

These non-citizens who are registered to vote in Colorado look to be biased towards Democrats.  While the number is hardly huge, in a close election it could make a difference.  In addition, there is the issue of how helpful the federal government has been in providing all the information necessary to track these non-citizens down.  From Fox News:
The latest figures mean that out of the 3,903 who received letters, 441 are believed to be non-citizens, according to the federal database, which has normally been used to check the status of legal immigrants who receive government benefits. . . . 
Of the 441 identified as suspected noncitizens, 232 are unaffiliated, 163 are Democrats, and 37 are Republican. Gessler's office has said they did not look at party registration when checking the voter rolls for possible fraud. . . . .



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