Great story in a pretty unexpected place: CU Boulder law student defends right to carry gun on campus

Ms. Whitney in this story is balanced off by statements from Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder and Colin Goddard, who now works for the Brady Campaign, but it is still an unusually positive piece.  I wish that the other pieces in this same newspaper would balance off the people on pro-ban side in a similar way.  From the Boulder Daily Camera:
Katherine Whitney is a polished second-year law student at the University of Colorado, with internship experience at the state Court of Appeals.
A Boulder resident, she's a vegetarian and climber, and she holds an elected position as financial officer in the law school student government.
Whitney, 26, is also a concealed-weapon permit holder. It's a label that she would like to help demystify.
The state's highest court recently struck down CU's long-standing gun ban, and now concealed-weapon permit holders -- like Whitney -- are allowed to bring their guns onto the campus. They must be at least 21 and adhere to a set of requirements, including passing a background check and submitting fingerprints.
In her black, structured purse, Whitney reserves a compartment for her enclosed firearm so she doesn't need to fumble for it, like she would her keys or a stick of gum. It's the same size as her smart phone, and it can pack six bullets.
"No one really knows what a student who carries on campus looks like," she said in an interview during a break between class and a job interview. "Everyone is left to create in their minds what they think a student who carries looks like, and I would like to remove that doubt. It very much looks like a young, single 20-something who has a legal right to defend herself against a threat." . . .

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