Donald Trump offers Obama $5 million for a charity of his choice if he releases college and passport records

"If Barack Obama opens up and gives his colleges records and applications, and if he gives his passport applications and records, I will give to the charity of his choice — inner city children in Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS research, anything he wants — a check immediately for $5 million.  The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated. He will be doing a great service for the country if he does this."
It has always been interesting that the media hasn't pressed Obama to release his college records. On the other hand, the request regarding the passport photos seems to be a play on the nutty Birther discussion.  Personally, I wish that Trump would have limited himself to just the school records.  Why someone who claims to be all for transparency would not allow his university records to be released should raise questions.  Possibly because of the passport request, I assume that the press will just ignore this.

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