Doctors overwhelmingly support Romney over Obama

A 19 percentage point lead in any professional group is pretty substantial.  From the Daily Caller:
If the election were held today, 55 percent of physicians reported they would vote for Romney while just 36 percent support Obama, according to a survey released by Jackson & Coker, a division of Jackson Healthcare, the third largest health care staffing company in the United States
Fifteen percent of respondents said they were switching their vote from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012. The top reasons cited for this change was the Affordable Care Act and the failure to address tort reform. . . .
Here is a piece that discusses why doctors are so upset with Obamacare.  It also takes issue with claim that cuts to Medicare won't effect the services that people on the program receive.
A new on-line survey by the non-profit The Physicians Foundation, one of the largest doctors surveys ever performed, confirms that over two thirds of physicians are pessimistic about the future of medicine, over 84 percent feel that our profession is in decline, and a majority would not recommend it as a career for their children. (The survey was sent to over 600,000 doctors and over 14,000 responded). . . .  
Perhaps most disturbing, more than half of doctors surveyed by The Physicians Foundation revealed that they will cut back on patients (including Medicare) or reduce patient access to their care over the next three years.  
Doctors are exhausted, and we simple can’t handle all the paperwork or the growing list of medical problems presented to us by the chronically ill. This loss of man hours comes at a time when ObamaCare is expanding the entitlement and we are already faced with a physician shortage which will reach 160,000 by 2025, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. This patient expansion is taking place while we, doctors, are contracting -- it is a perfect storm. 
I may be not one of the 60 percent of doctors (according to the survey) who would retire now if I had the means, but the federal government can’t rely on all of America's doctors having the resources, passion, or wherewithal to soldier on with the heavy burden of ObamaCare. . . .



Blogger Alexander Adams said...

It makes sense. My Dad is the president of the New Mexico Academy of Ophthalmology, and Obamacare makes it so medicaid and medicare pay the doctors less. Most of my dads patients, and many other doctors, would therefore get a lower salary. This does a few things:

1) decreases salary for all doctors not being paid salary
2) Hurts doctors setting up their own practice--possibly forces them to lay off workers
3) With most doctors graduating with 200,000 dollars worth of debt, a lower salary is not beneficial.

10/01/2012 11:52 PM  

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