Academia Moving Further to the Left

63% of academics classify themselves as liberal or "far left"?  But my guess is that this really underestimates how biased they are because since they are around so many other left wing types I think that their ability to sense what is considered moderate is impaired.  From Inside Higher Ed:
Academics, on average, lean to the left. A survey being released today suggests that they are moving even more in that direction. 
Among full-time faculty members at four-year colleges and universities, the percentage identifying as "far left" or liberal has increased notably in the last three years, while the percentage identifying in three other political categories has declined. The data come from the University of California at Los Angeles Higher Education Research Institute, which surveys faculty members nationwide every three years on a range of attitudes. 
Here are the data for the new survey and the prior survey:
Far left12.4%8.8%
Middle of the road25.4%28.4%
Far right0.4%0.7%
Gauging how gradual or abrupt this shift is is complicated because of changes in the UCLA survey's methodology; before 2007-8, the survey included community college faculty members, who have been excluded since. But for those years, examining only four-year college and university faculty members, the numbers are similar to those of 2007-8. Going back further, one can see an evolution away from the center. 
In the 1998-9 survey, more than 35 percent of faculty members identified themselves as middle of the road, and less than half (47.5 percent) identified as liberal or far left. In the new data, 62.7 percent identify as liberal or far left. (Most surveys that have included community college faculty members have found them to inhabit political space to the right of faculty members at four-year institutions.) . . .

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