Yet more Wikipedia Problems, Doctored information put up for pay

It is nice to know that some people are able to get their wikipedia entries "fixed," that is for a fee.  Was this a charge ever made against the Encyclopedia Britannica   From Fox News:
Wikipedia users are up in arms over accusations that a trustee was providing front-page exposure and favorable edits to paying clients. 
Roger Bamkin is a trustee for the the Wikimedia Foundation UK, the group behind the open-source encyclopedia. He is also a paid consultant, according to a CNET report, and has reportedly been using his position within Wikipedia to forward the cause of his clients. 
The country of Gibraltar, which Bamkin has been representing, was featured in Wikipedia’s coveted “Did You Know” main page section seventeen times in August. Most other entries appear just once (with the exception of the Olympics), giving Gibraltar access to an enviable hundred million page views per month -- and really annoying some of the site's editors. . . .  
Wales admitted he didn’t know all the details of the case, but concluded that if the facts were true, Bamkin should resign from his post or sever ties with his client. . . .



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