The wrong lesson is being learned from the Aurora Shooting: Push to re-establish gun-free zones for University of Colorado campuses

Last week I pointed out that the Aurora shooting took place in the one movie theater near the killer's home that banned permitted concealed handguns.  Because of a state Supreme Court decision the University of Colorado has just implement rules to let people carry guns on college grounds.
A state lawmaker from Boulder plans to bring forward a bill in the next legislative session that would allow universities to create their own gun policies.

Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, will hold a forum this week with University of Colorado faculty members to discuss a legislative strategy that could give the regents the authority to ban guns on CU campuses.

The Colorado Supreme Court in March overturned CU's longstanding gun ban when it ruled the university cannot prohibit those with concealed-weapons permits from bringing their firearms on campus. Last week, the board voted to amend the university policy to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.

Faculty members at CU have expressed serious concern -- "collective dismay," according to one professor -- that concealed weapons are now allowed in classrooms. . . .

"The Legislature doesn't have expertise on campus safety," she said.

But even if the bill passed, it's uncertain whether the CU Board of Regents -- which has been Republican-controlled in recent years -- would vote to reinstate a gun ban. . . .

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