So much for the Democrats claim that they want to control the deficit

This is from an editorial in the Chattanooga Times Free Press that Drew Johnson wrote up:
Among the 21 new spending proposals included in the Democratic Party platform are:
• $453 billion over ten years to fund an expansive stimulus-like job creation scheme;
• $18.4 billion over ten years to get the transportation sector to buy into alternative fuels:
• $6.5 billion over five years for global food security and agriculture research;
• $5 billion in one-time funding for clean energy handouts;
• $5 billion in one-time funding to force the government into the broadband Internet business;
• $980 million over ten years for government-funded abortions (if taxpayers' pay for 10 percent of abortions); and
• $45 million over five years to support American Indian and Alaska Native languages.
In total, the Democratic Party platform recommends $674.8 billion in additional federal spending over the next decade. . . .



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