Median income for Americans has fallen by 4.1% below what it was when he became president

The percent of Americans in poverty and without health insurance remains higher than when Obama became president and income for the median American keeps falling.  From the Financial Times:
The median income of American households dropped to its lowest level since 1995 last year, extending its decline during President Barack Obama’s tenure and highlighting the depth of the damage to the middle class inflicted by the recession and weak recovery.
According to annual data from the Census Bureau, median income adjusted for inflation – a closely watched measure of the financial health of average Americans – fell to $50,054 in 2011, or 1.5 per cent below its 2010 level and 4.1 per cent below its score when Mr Obama took office in 2009.
Although real median income had already started to slide beginning in 2008, before Mr Obama entered the White House, the fact that he was not able to reverse that downward trend could expose him to criticism from Mitt Romney, his rival, that his policies have not aided the middle class. In addition to the drop in overall median income, the data also showed a rise in income inequality last year. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "See! And people sneered that Comrade President Obama was too much of a lightweight to bring down mighty capitalist America! But he's been doing it, hasn't he? Ha! Ha! Wait till his even more successful second term! We'll have capitalist Americans eating out of garbage cans and begging for the salvation of socialism! Ha! Ha!"

9/13/2012 7:09 PM  

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