Obama lashes out at decisions made by his campaign, Joe Biden, and WH coordination with Chicago HQ

Politico has a new book out that the Obama campaign may have wished came out later.  Could one imagine the response if Romney had referred to Obama in a discussion as "your boy"?

Obama is sometimes portrayed as a reluctant warrior, sorry to see 2012 marked by so much partisan warfare but forced by circumstance to go along. But this perception is by most evidence untrue. In the interviews with current and former Obama aides, not one said he expressed any reservations about the negativity. He views it as a necessary part of campaigning, as a natural — if unpleasant — rotation of the cyclical political wheel.
Obama’s trash-talking competitiveness, a trait that has defined him since his days on the court as a basketball-obsessed teenager in Hawaii, was on display one night last February, when the president spotted a woman he knew was close to Sen. Marco Rubio in a Florida hotel lobby. “Is your boy going to go for [vice president]?” the president asked her. Maybe, she replied.
“Well,” he said, chuckling, according to a person who witnessed the encounter. “Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.” . . .
How many times has the Obama administration been claiming that the recovery is just around the corner.
in his mind, that Romney will get to take a victory lap on an economic rebound Obama sees as just around the corner. “I’m not going to let him win … so that he can take credit when the economy turns around,” Obama said, according to an aide. . . . . 
I also thought that Obama was saying that things weren't going to be getting better because the House Republicans weren't passing the big government spending bills that Obama wants.

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