Massive vote fraud in Philly? Shocking

Philadelphia has seen some significant vote fraud over time. There was a state Senate race that was determined by absentee ballot vote fraud (Federal Judge: "Substantial evidence was presented establishing massive absentee ballot fraud, deception, intimidation, harassment and forgery"). There was one case in the last decade or so where a single person who was from NJ had voted in Philly over a hundred times in one election. Now there is this case.
CITY COMMISSIONER Al Schmidt said the notion of voter fraud in Philadelphia is so politicized and distorted that some claim it never happens, and others claim there are hundreds of thousands of cases. The truth, Schmidt added, is somewhere in the middle. Now Schmidt is in the middle of the debate after releasing a report Wednesday that raised as many questions as it answered about voter irregularities. Schmidt, the lone Republican on the commission, said at a news conference Wednesday that the report was not done to support recent state legislation requiring voters to show identification before casting ballots. . . . Schmidt's staff examined voter records from 14 or 15 of the city's 1,687 polling places, where 179,176 voters cast ballots in the April 24 primary election. . . .



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If you had the choice between a Chevy and a Mercedes, would you choose to be a Democrat? It's a pretty scummy party.

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