Girls and guns graphic

Click on picture to make it larger.  I really wish that the references here were directly linked to the claims.  While some of these facts are obviously true (25% of permit holders in Michigan are women), there are others that I am more dubious about (e.g., 200 million firearms owned in US - I think that it is significantly higher) and still others that I would at least like to follow up (e.g., 83 percent increase in 2009 in women buying guns for personal protection).  Some numbers are pretty useless, such as the NSSF number that 74% of women in their classes by a handgun.  How many of them already owned a handgun or lived with someone else who did?  Finally, note that some numbers appear inconsistent with each other.  For example, 43% of women report household gun ownership, but the graphic below that shows that Democrats own guns at 23% and Republicans at 41%.  The implied average is clearly below that implied by the 43% (though it is possible that number is referring to personal ownership and not to household ownership).



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