Using government to harass political opponents

From Curt Levey at Fox News:
Groups on the left are also turning to the judicial branch to harass conservative opponents. . . .
a Media Matters internal memo suggesting the organization “look into contracting with a major law firm to study any available legal actions that can be taken against Fox News … I imagine this would be difficult but the right law firm is bound to find some legal ground.” In other words, Media Matters couldn’t identify anything that Fox did wrong but hoped the right lawyer could invent something.
Lawfare’s most persistent practitioner is probably Brett Kimberlin, founder of the radical Justice Through Music Project. He has targeted conservative bloggers like Andrew Breitbart, Patterico, Aaron Worthing, and Liberty Chick, in part, by filing over 100 harassment claims against them in various courts.
Kimberlin claims that blogging the truth about his criminal record – which includes 17 years in federal prison for a weeklong bombing spree – constitutes harassment because it results in angry emails from the blogger’s readers. . . .
In addition to the courts and White House, the left is turning to various agencies in the Obama administration for help in intimidating their opponents. Angered by the American Legislative Exchange Council’s support of "Stand Your Ground" laws, left-wing groups are coordinating a campaign against ALEC, which includes an IRS complaint challenging its tax-exempt status. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

I find a link between Fox News' decision to eliminate the comments section on their website, and the actions of Media Matters as expressed in your blog post, Dr. Lott. Attack frequently, and on as many fronts as possible.

Media Matters fear the truth, so they work hard to suppress it. After all, if the people knew the truth, Media Matters would no longer matter. After all, MM excels at lying, and truth is the ultimate weapon against them.

6/25/2012 1:49 PM  

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