Some notes on Neil Munro interrupting Obama on Friday

1) Mr. Munro claims that he thought that Obama was finished speaking when he tried to ask his question.
Munro said in a statement Friday that he thought the president had finished talking when he asked his question. “I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the president of the United States,” he said. . . .
His interview with the Daily Caller is available here.
 People can judge for themselves here.

2) Here is a copy of an October 14, 1987 Associated Press article that has been making the rounds.  The article was entitled: "Why Do Grown Men And Women Shout At President Reagan?" Click to make the article larger.  Note the line at the end of the first column: "But they say the blame rests with Reagan and his aides, who have sharply curtailed opportunities for the press corps to engage the president under more civil circumstances." Note that the article says that this shouting also occurs at ceremonies.  It is difficult to read this article and not perceive that there is a double standard on this issue of the press asking questions.

Politico has a thread entitled: "Neil Munro's Last Day at the Rose Garden."  What would the reaction have been if the Reagan administration had tried to remove press passes from those who shouted questions at Reagan during ceremonies?

3) Should Munro have interrupted the president?  No.  But it appears as if Obama rarely has the press asking him tough questions and in his press conferences he seems to always call on relatively friendly reporters.  Could it be that all the reporters are friendly to him?  Probably not, but if he isn't going to take critical questions, it seems like the quote from the AP story that I referenced above is relevant here.

4) The claim that Munro's question was a result of racism is undercut by point 2 above.  Of course, if it was unintentional as Munro claims, the whole issue is mute.  It would be nice if those claiming racism had some proof of it.
Julian Epstein asked if a white president would receive the same treatment.  The answer is actually "yes."
Also on MSNBC, Toure adds:
"This disrespect of this human being cannot be disconnected from the fact that he’s black."
Also on MSNBC: Rep. Cummings: Racism "Has Something To Do With" Obama Interruption



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