NBC doctors another video tape: Jerry Sandusky case

Last week you had Andrea Mitchell show caught splicing together a tape of Mitt Romney that completely distorted what he said.  Prior to that you had NBC doing something similar on George Zimmerman's 911 call.  Now apparently, NBC has done something similar with child predatory Jerry Sandusky.  From Reuters:

In the Sandusky interview with NBC, Costas asks, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys?" according to an NBC News transcript.
Sandusky responded, "Am I sexually attracted to underage boys?"
But in the "Today" version, which was played for jurors and is still available on YouTube (here), the exchange was repeated.
The interview was originally aired correctly on NBC News' new magazine show, ‘Rock Center' on November 14. The erroneous version that repeated the exchange aired the following morning on ‘Today.'
In a statement, NBC's Lynn said: "Under subpoena, NBC News turned over three versions of the Costas interview to prosecutors, including the 'Today' version with the error in it. Prosecutors used the 'Today' version, not realizing it included a technical glitch, and played it for the jury.
"After court that day, NBC News executives had a series of discussion with the prosecutors, and after some internal investigation were able to determine that the glitch originated on 'Today.' NBC News executives explained the situation to the court, and Judge Cleland sought to remedy the situation by giving the jury instructions to regard only a transcript of the full interview that was subsequently provided to them, not any audio that was played for them by prosecutors." . . .
A source on the prosecution team acknowledged that prosecutors played the ‘Today' version, which contained the error, without reviewing it carefully beforehand.
"Was it embarrassing?" the source asked. "It was certainly embarrassing. Was it a mistake? It was clearly a mistake." The source also said NBC News executives expressed regret to the court.
"Did they say, ‘I'm sorry?' I can't recall those exact words,'' the source said. "Were they apologetic? Yes." . . .



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