Elizabeth Wurtzel: "Being a mother isn't a real job -- and the men who run the world know it."

Is this really what passes as serious thought by leftists these days?  Not content to accept that Democrat bigwig and former Obama advisor Hilary Rosen was wrong when she claimed that Ann Romney never worked a "day in her life," Elizabeth Wurtzel doubles down on the claim in the Atlantic Monthly.  So is this what Democrats mean by a war on women?  

Let me answer the first question posed below.  Do I think that raising kids is an extremely important job?  Sure.  Am I going to do it?  You would only have me take the full time job of raising kids if you wanted them killed off.  Let me explain.  I think that women on average have more patience in dealing with very young children than men do (one can go through the biology regarding hormones etc).  I have five children, and I could do handle taking care of them for a few hours.  But I have to confess that after that I would begin to feel that I would got nuts if it took the wife much longer to get home. 
Seriously: Did Romney actually tell his wife that her job was more important than his? So condescending. If he thought that, he'd be doing it. Being a rich mom -- even with five sons, bless her heart -- is not even sort of a job. . . . Hilary Rosen would not have been so quick to be so super sorry for saying that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life if we weren't all made more than a wee bit nervous by our own biases, which is that being a mother isn't really work. Yes, of course, it's something -- actually, it's something almost every woman at some time does, some brilliantly and some brutishly and most in the boring middle of making okay meals and decent kid conversation. But let's face it: It is not a selective position. A job that anyone can have is not a job, it's a part of life, no matter how important people insist it is (all the insisting is itself overcompensation). . . .
So a hundred years ago when almost all mothers stayed at home to raise their families and take care of the house that wouldn't be considered work because everyone did it?  What does one make of this gem of wisdom?
Only in these major metropolises are there the kinds of jobs in finance and entertainment that allow for a family to live luxe on a single income. In any case, having forgotten everything but the lotus position, these women are the reason their husbands think all women are dumb, and I don't blame them. . . .
People make choices on whether the wives stay home and work or make more money outside the home.  You can make it on a single income, but it means a smaller home, buying clothes at Goodwill, taking fewer vacations.



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