Another multiple victim car attack

From the Associated Press:

A woman suddenly drove her car into a crowded town square in northwest Ohio, injuring 20 to 25 people, some of whom were pinned under the car and freed when bystanders lifted it, authorities and witnesses said.
The chaotic scene unfolded after 9 p.m. Friday night when an unidentified woman drove her Oldsmobile sedan into a crowd of dozens gathered for a weekly community event featuring live music, Lima police said. The car appeared to be at a complete stop before it was driven into the square, witnessed told the Lima News. It also struck an old sculpture in the square at full speed.
When the car came to a rest, those nearby picked it up to free victims who were trapped. . . .
No one was killed. Police said some victims suffered serious injuries to legs, heads and necks. At least five were taken to hospitals, including at St. Rita's Medical Center and Lima Memorial Health System. Two are in serious but stable condition, two others are in stable condition, and the condition of a fifth person was not available. It's not clear what happened to the driver, who had a dog with her in the car, witnesses said. . . .
A story April discusses on a woman crashed into a grocery store injuring 10 people.

The woman who crashed into the Publix on Belle Terre Parkway was charged with careless driving Tuesday as the Florida Highway Patrol released a video showing her car shattering glass doors as it crashed into the supermarket and plowed through shoppers.
"When you see the video you realize it's a miracle no one got killed," FHP Capt. Jerry Crews said.
Ten Palm Coast residents were injured when 76-year-old Thelma Wagenhoffer's 2004 Toyota Camry "accelerated rapidly as it crossed the parking lot" and crashed into the Publix, the FHP said.
The car careened through the store for 40 to 50 feet -- at least, Crews said. . . .
Three of the injured remained hospitalized on Tuesday. . . .

While I have collected a couple stories in the past, I decided to take a few minutes and see what other stories are readily available.  Here is an old story from the end of February last year that I should have posted.
At least 16 bicyclists in a Critical Mass ride event in Porto Alegre, Brazil, were injured after a driver in a VW Golf car drove into the group at high-speed.  According to Sky News, the driver of the car, 47-year-old Richard Neis, has been apprehended by police and is claiming self-defense after being threatened by some of the cyclists. . . . 
Here is a case from last year in Egypt where 20 some people were killed or injured.

Another case in Egypt involving a Police van.

Here is a case from San Francisco in November 2010 about 2 minutes into the clip (fortunately only two people were seriously hurt).

Here is a case from New London, CT in July, 2006 that left 27 people hurt.

From Apeldoorn, Netherlands in the April 30, 2009.
A speeding car raced toward an open bus carrying the Dutch royal family during a holiday parade Thursday and plowed into spectators, killing five people and injuring 14 others in an apparently deliberate act . . .
These numbers were later revised to eight killed and 10 injured.

From Israel in September 2008

Fifteen people -- mostly Israeli soldiers -- were injured at an intersection in Jerusalem Monday night when a driver plowed his car into a group of people, Jerusalem police told CNN.
The driver was shot and killed at the scene by an Israeli soldier who was part of the group, police said. The driver of the black BMW was not immediately identified, but authorities said he was a young Palestinian from East Jerusalem's Jabal Mukaber neighborhood. . . .

New Zealand in 2007 had a car attack that killed two and injured 26 others.

A man accused of killing two people outside a party last year did so because God told him to do something to get away from people chasing him, the Crown said today.
Twenty-two-year-old Lipine Sila, a factory hand, pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder and eight of causing grievous bodily harm, at the High Court in Christchurch.
He is alleged to have driven into a crowd outside the scene of a party on Christchurch's Edgeware Rd on May 5 last year, hitting 28 people.
Sixteen-year-olds Hannah Rossiter and Jane Young were killed. . . .



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