Romney calls the Obama administration: "the most anti-business administration" since Carter

My book Debacle goes through Obama's claims that he has been one of the most business friendly administrations ever and shows that the opposite is true.  I think that Romney has it right:
Romney said the Obama White House is "the most anti-business administration" since President Carter's, and blasted Obama's proposed "Buffett Rule" that would establish a minimum income tax rate on wealthy individuals, arguing it would hurt small business.
"This is a business that’s taxed at the individual tax rate," he said, gesturing around the room. "This is a direct attack on small business and it's got to end."
He also attacked Obama for working closely with unions. While Virginia has trended Democratic in the last decade, largely due to suburban growth around Washington D.C., Virginia is a "right to work" state and unions are not as popular, or nearly as powerful, there as in some other swing states like Ohio.
"The attempt to change the playing field between management and labor is particularly frightening to small business," Romney said, adding that Obama's policies had "made it back-breaking for many small businesses and made it harder for people to regroup" coming out of the recession. . . .



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