Obama continues hiding his second term agenda

Remember Obama telling the Russian president to wait until after the election before he could take a position more sympathetic to the Russians?  Well, after the 2008 election where Obama promised to cut government spending, is anyone surprised by this.  From the Washington Post:
Whatever Obama’s public position, there was little doubt in the briefing room Monday that the president supports gay marriage and that he would go public with this position after Election Day, when he no longer need fear losing independent voters. Carney, who had the unenviable position of trying to convince the press corps otherwise, arrived 35 minutes late for the job and found a feisty audience. . . .
Another piece in the Washington Post:
Same-sex marriage is turning into a test of character and leadership for President Obama. Does he favor it, or doesn’t he?
In the wake of Vice President Biden’s remarks supportive of marriage equality, the continued presidential equivocation makes Obama look weak and evasive.Weak because he — and his unfortunate spokesman — keep fudging as Democratic official after official, from governors to his own Cabinet secretaries, expresses clear support for marriage equality.
Evasive because he seems to be hiding the ball from voters. Aren’t they entitled to know what he thinksbefore they decide on a second term?
The longer Obama waits, the worse he looks.
The president’s first stall tactic, that he is “evolving” on the issue, doesn’t cut it anymore. Even Darwin would have lost patience by now.
His second approach, the not-gonna-make-news-for-you-today cop-out, has also worn thin. . . .

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