Edwards, Daschle, and Obama involved in discussions to sell public office for campaign endorsement?

Remember Illinois Governor Blagojevich soliciting bribes in exchange for Obama's Senate seat?  Didn't It appears that Obama had these types of discussions with others.  The objection was that the offer to sell the office was too early in the election process.  Doesn't Obama have an obligation to report such a crime? From ABC News:

Hindery, a longtime Democrat operative, was part of Edwards' inner circle and was dispatched to contact Barack Obama's campaign, and later Hillary Clinton's campaign, to strike a deal when it was clear Edwards would not win the 2008 presidential nomination.
On Jan. 3, 2008, the night Obama won the Iowa caucuses, Edwards ordered Hindery to contact Sen. Tom Daschle, an Obama adviser. Edwards wanted to team up with Obama, trading his endorsement for the vice-president slot early in the campaign to strike a death blow to Clinton.
Daschle questioned the Edwards' campaign reasoning for broaching the topic with Obama following the first contest of the campaign and on the night Obama was savoring victory, but brought the proposal to his candidate. Obama rejected the deal.
John Edwards Hoped to Be Appointed to the Supreme Court. . . . 

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