Bloomberg: "Cameron Poised to Benefit as Johnson Set for Re-Election"

London's voters couldn't have a starker choice.  Livingstone is a Socialist.  Johnson is a conservative with libertarian leanings.  From Bloomberg:

London’s Conservative mayor, Boris Johnson, is poised to win re-election today, providing Prime Minister David Cameron with some relief after more than a month of damaging headlines.
Polls over the past week have shown Johnson extending his lead over Ken Livingstone, the former mayor who is running for the opposition Labour Party. That goes against a national trend that has seen Labour taking support away from the Conservatives. Labour is likely to gain hundreds of the 4,800 local-council seats being contested across Britain today.
Support for the Conservatives has slumped to the lowest since the coalition government came to power two years ago.  . . .
The latest poll in London, carried out April 27-29, gave Johnson a lead of 56 percent to 44 percent over Livingstone in the decisive second round of counting, when second-preference votes from the five minor candidates are totted up. . . .



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