New study for guns on college campuses

Jeffrey A. Bouffard, Matt R. Nobles, William Wells, and Michael R. Cavanaugh have a new paper entitled: "How Many More Guns?
Estimating the Effect of Allowing Licensed Concealed Handguns on a College Campus." An abstract is available here:
Among other arguments, advocates for lifting bans on carrying concealed handguns on campus propose that this would increase the prevalence of legitimately carried handguns, which might then deter crimes or be used to intervene in campus shooting incidents like the one that took place at Virginia Tech in 2007. Opponents suggest that increased prevalence of concealed handguns would lead to increases in other negative consequences, such as accidental shootings. Little empirical research has examined the potential outcomes of such a policy change, nor has existing research examined the prerequisite issue of whether lifting these bans would result in substantial increases in the prevalence of concealed handguns among students. Using a sample of undergraduate classrooms selected from five academic buildings at a public university in Texas, this study examines the potential impact of lifting the concealed handgun ban on the likelihood that a given classroom would contain at least one legally carried handgun. Results reveal that the impact of potential policy changes in this area vary based on the building under consideration and the measure of potential handgun prevalence. Limitations of the study and implications for future research on the issue of concealed handgun carrying on college campuses are discussed.

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Blogger MikeJ said...

Their numbers are surprising (to me), considering they are undergrad classes. They found several CHL holders per classroom. They cited some guy named John Lott 4 times (along with 3 references listings), so they might not be all bad. :)

3/16/2012 10:25 PM  

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