Drudge Report's pro-Obama bias?

It has been hard to miss Matt Drudge's pro-Romney bias. He has done whatever he can to go after Newt and, to a lesser extent, Santorum. But pro-Obama? Really? Well, Andrew Breitbart made similar, if extremely brief, comments to me as are reported in this story. Andrew's comments to me were related in about one sentence, so I didn't get that much detail. It was part of our discussion about Drudge's bias against gun ownership.

It became very clear to me during the 2008 primary season that, for whatever reason, the Drudge Report was completely in the tank for the Obama campaign. When I addressed this concern with Breitbart, he readily agreed and admitted great frustration at what was happening. He even revealed that on several occasions he had tried to post prominent “negative” stories about Obama on the site but had seen Drudge take the highly unusual step of not only moving them down the page but also taking them off the site completely.

On some occasions, Andrew told me that Drudge even totally cut off his ability to update the web page and completely stopped linking to Breitbart’s site (which he interpreted as Drudge’s way of reminding him who the boss was).

There were many examples of this remarkable pro-Obama bias, but I will offer up just a few here as proof (you can have fun finding more on your own at the easily accessible Drudge archives on the bottom right hand portion of his site). . . .

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Blogger be603 said...

Follow the money? Someone in Obama's camp got something on Drudge?

3/11/2012 10:59 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is the John Ziegler whose report you back here.

Thank you for speaking out for the truth here. It is incredibly depressing how few in the conservative media have been willing to tell a story which is so important and so obviously true.

I would like to speak with you about this if possible. Please e-mail me at talktozig@aol.com.

3/13/2012 11:09 AM  

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