Defensive gun use in Maine

From Bangor Daily News about an attack in Hermon, Maine:

Daniel Williams, 24, was asleep when someone knocked at the front door of his apartment around 9 a.m. last Thursday. Moments later, he was in a fight for his life, he said Monday.

Williams fired shots from a handgun last week that mortally wounded Robert Dellairo, 30, and injured Philip McIntyre, 19, both of Bangor, after Dellairo and McIntyre broke into his residence at Duran Apartments on Outer Hammond Street, according to Maine State Police. . . . Before the door latched shut, Williams said, Dellairo and McIntyre came out of hiding somewhere near the entrance and hit the door, forcing it open. . . .

Luis Ramos, 24, was also in the apartment at the time of the home invasion, state police said. Ramos ran from his bedroom during the fight carrying an electric guitar to use as a weapon, according to Williams, but one of the other men grabbed the guitar and struck Williams in the back of the head.

The two men proceeded to kick and punch Williams and Ramos, but Williams eventually managed to break away and run to his bedroom, where he grabbed his .22-caliber handgun and “did what I had to do,” he said.

Williams said he uses the gun for recreational practice shooting and that it was equipped with a laser sight. . . .

Another defensive gun use in Lancaster, NC.:

A Lancaster homeowner who shot and killed a relative attempting to forcibly enter his home on Thursday will not be charged, authorities say. . . . As for Reed, his criminal activities in Lancaster County have included receiving stolen goods, criminal domestic violence, possessing crack cocaine, driving under the influence and numerous traffic violations throughout the years, according to state court records.

“We’ve had dealings with him here before,” Shaw said.



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